NorCal JKD Kali Academy
Peninsula Self Defense
2766 Bay Road 
Redwood City, CA 94063
Call for more info: 650-701-7731

Build Self-Perfection Through Self-Preservation

NorCal JKD Kali Academy ® 788 Douglas Ave Unit C, Redwood City,CA 94063

June 2015 ...NorCal JKD has merged with Peninsula Self Defense (PSD). Just two blocks from our former location:
2766 Bay Road
Redwood City, CA

This is an amazing opportunity for our expanding membership to be part of a facility nearly 3x the size of our former location. 5600 sq ft of training space, two large rooms and a menu steeped in the arts of INOSANTO and MACHADO JUJITSU. Below are the arts and programs we now offer our members:

STX Kickboxing
Machado Jujitsu
Gi and Nogi
Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do
Filipino Martial Arts
Dirty Boxing
Combat Submission Wrestling
Combat Fitness
World Class Seminars
Women's Self Defense Programs
Competition Teams

We are the SF Bay Area's finest reality-based self-defense facility located in Redwood City, California. We are an academy dedicated to the needs of our students and together we seek to “Build Self-Perfection Through Self-Preservation.” 
Welcome to NorCal JKD Kali Academy
Head Instructor
Brenda King

I'm Brenda King and since 1977 I've dedicated my life to training, researching and studying the world's most effective martial arts. Below is a partial list of some of my accomplishments:

I hold instructorship in the following arts:

~Jun Fan JKD - Guro Dan Inosanto
~Filipino Martial Arts- Guro Dan Inosanto
~Dirty Boxing- Guro Dan Sullivan
~Pro Coach CSW- Erik Paulson
~Full Instructor -Guro Michael Gruner
~5th Dan Kenpo- Chuck Sullivan-Vic LeRoux
~ Senior Full PFS- Sifu Paul Vunak 

Other Training:

~Advanced Student Level JKD- Guro Ron Balicki- Guro Diana Lee Inosanto
~Advanced Student Level Kali- Guro Ron Balicki - Guro Diana Lee Inosanto
~Lameco Astig Combatives-Guro Roger Agbulos
~White Gloves Savate - Nicolas Saignac
~BJJ Blue Belt- Marco Nascimento
~Level 4 Thai Boxing-Arjarn Roger Luri
~HKC Kettlebells- Dr Mark Cheng
~No Lie Blade - Hank Hayes
~Krabi Krabong- Arjarn Bryan Dobler