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 Guro Brenda King
Scandinavian Flight Crews in Copenhagen Denmark
My good friend and training partner Sifu John Koeshall and I had the fortunate opportunity to teach Cabin Safety techniques to numerous SAS Cabin Crews. 
Edge Weapons Defensive Tactics, Verbal Judo, and Voice Commands were three of the main topics we worked over two full days of training.

I take special care to understand the unique needs of my clients. Every group I teach has unique goals and expectations. I adjust the skill set, attribute development and training methods to meet the needs of my clients. From Law Enforcement Personnel, Corporations, Girls and Boy Scouts of America, US Naval Sea Cadets to Professional Martial Arts Instructors. I provide self defense solutions to those who seek it.

Corporate Programs:                                     Martial Arts Instructorship Programs
Total Defense                                                 Jeet Kune Do
Escape To Gain Safety                                  Escrima Combatives-Kali Blend
Edge Weapon Defensive Tactics                  Kickboxing
Stay Standing                                                MMA for Self Defense
Essentials Of Self Defense
Ground Combatives

A Few Letters Of Recommendations:
US Naval Sea Cadets at Coast Guard Island in Alameda CA
My Staff and I are honored to serve the US Naval Sea Cadets, Grey Ghost Division. We have trained the Cadets in empty hand combatives, kali and the fundamentals of grappling. We look forward to training with them again this November.

Twitter Headquarters, San Francisco
​It was a pleasure to teach Self Defense for the employees at Twitter. I worked taught 2 classes a week for 8 months. I met some amazing people and enjoyed my time there.
Peninsula Self Defense Training Academy
2766 Bay Road, Redwood City CA 94063